A fall/winter with a masculine attitude, a wardrobe that mixes colour and fabrics, applications and details with chromatic and textile harmony.

Extra long coats, trench coats and parkas and small jackets combine masculine textures with embroidery, silhouettes are fluid and fitted, while short bombers play with eco-fur creating impeccable lines, broaches and coats of arms are borrowed from the military world.

Moods mingle: Sportswear lightly crosses through the collection, slim pants with side bands, choosing over shapes for pants with side pockets, accompanying the mini dress in tulle are active inspired belts.

The skirts rock in vinyl and are softened with sweatshirts with ruche, the long knitted dress is worn with the classic Oxford shirt, the girly spirit of the floral blouse is dissolved with mini skirts in check, the burgundy chemise dress moves softly with splits and impalpable fabrics.

Soft ruche define the shirts and lurex dresses, the military world inspires long skirts, camo pull-overs and peacoats, lace and sequins stand out on the fabric creating a golden glow and adding a gentle shimmer for the evening.